Dodge Challenger Temecula

Dodge Challenger
The 2014 Dodge Challenger Brings a New Driving Experience

If you want an old school muscle car of the sixties and seventies in the market today, then the remodeled 2014 Dodge Challenger Temecula is a good fit. With a blend of classic and cartoonish lines, this car appeals to any age group.

When buying a new car, most buyers consider the engine before everything else. For the new 2014 Dodge Challenger, performance is superb. Its engine is a 3.6-liter V6, with variable valve timing, meant for unleaded fuel. With improved fuel economy, it consumes about 18 mpg gasoline within city, and 27 mpg on the highway. The improved engine performance is based on its 19.5 gallon fuel tank, and a multi-point fuel injection system.

Buy the new Temecula Dodge Challenger 2014 and you can experience the strength, power, and efficiency that accompany the model. The remodeled Dodge Challenger enables you to stay ahead of the competition with extra features compared to other muscle cars:

• Halogen headlights with complex surface lenses
• Front and rear bumpers featuring body color
• Fixed rear window with a defroster
• Tinted glass with intermittent windshield wipers
• Improved external dimensions

These exterior features of the model give it a new look and design, while giving it an edge over its competitors in the SUV family.

While it borrows original design, the new 2014 Dodge Challenger maintains a classic interior look with added features. It has two 12-volt power outlets in front, climate control features, and an element antenna. The audio system with AM/FM radio works with a steering-mounted remote control, and the trip computer allows you to check the average and current fuel economy, as well as the range for remaining fuel. With some models even featuring an LCD touch screen, this is not what you would expect from the old muscle cars.

Other features of the interior include a low tire pressure indicator, a ventilation system with a micro filter, card-key power locks, wider tail lights, and split folding rear seats among others. In addition, the model can comfortably accommodate five passengers instead of four, as seen in the older versions.

In Temecula, you get a variety of used and new Dodge Challenger cars, so you can pick your favorite choice at affordable price. With recent tweaks on the engine and design, the car is more responsive in corners with a tightened suspension and steering, functional brake ducts, and deeper air bags. The engine features a 5-speed transmission system, which makes it more powerful and competitive.

Stop by the showroom today and take a test drive, then maybe even drive one home.